We could't re-invent the wheel so we         re-invented wheel nut security.

Our Vision.


Helping fleet operators to detect loose wheel nuts and avoid wheel-offs altogether through the patented Safetytrim indicator and locking system.


Despite ongoing progress in commercial vehicle design, loose or detaching wheels continue to have a disastrous impact on fleet costs, public safety and reputation. At Safetytrim we realise that early identification of the problem is the basis of good maintenance.


However, simply preventing the nut from turning will not prevent a loose wheel, most simple lockers provide no essential indication of the arising situation.


As clamping force decreases and mechanical damage increases, load is usually transferred to adjacent studs with successive stud failures radiating out from the original. UK research findings indicate that a loose wheel nut can occur within 50 miles of the original wheel nut loosening.


The Product.


Safetytrim is a retro-fit wheel nut securing mechanism providing a visual alert to operators if the nuts are backing off. The mechanical device holds the nut within a nut pot cover which itself is contained within a housing ring. If clamp pressure is lost, the nut is free to move as the nut pot cover can rotate inside the ring, and in so doing, the base arm which is fixed to the nut pot cover moves to the alert position. A florescent marker can then be seen by anyone viewing the wheel. The arm is stopped from moving further by an outer retention wall and this prevents the nut moving further than one sixth of a turn. A nut cannot be lost and wheels are prevented from coming adrift.


We have strategically aligned ourselves with engineering quality producers of high grade automotive injection moulded parts. Our product is unique and has the capacity to deliver an alert and thereafter a definite arresting of further slacking off. 

We have a solution which is easy to fit, inexpensive and works in all the required fields of operation. We value quality and have taken time to ensure our clients can expect the same.


 The product is patented in the UK Patent No. GB2393487 and full International patent applications have been filed in the EU, USA and Australasia.